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The Lib Tech Travis Rice Snowboard Evaluation

by Evan

The Lib Technology Travis Rice snowboard is among the first-rate boards provided by Lib Tech. Lib Tech prides itself on being among the most green snowboard companies, located in Washington state in the United States Pacific Northwest. This professional snowboard is perfect for innovative bikers, more especially to those that are either pros or semi-professional. technoguidepro It is graphically elite, showing a modern imaginative layout to capture attention on the slopes as well as those grabbing air in the surface park.

The ideal layout of the Lib Technology Travis Rice permits limited turns, lightweight design for increased ability to move, particularly on corking turns off dives, and also its sidecut style allows for relieving into landings efficiently. Those using the board will certainly pleased by its focus to information for sophisticated cyclists.

Whereas other boards in its line (Skate Banana as well as TRS for instance) are much more for mid-level cyclists, the Lib Technology Travis Rice is particularly created for professionals and semi-pros. For those simply getting started with jumps as well as park riding, the Travis Rice may appear a bit difficult to maneuver. The hostile feeling and also twin idea layout make it applicable to ride the whole mountain, however provides the rider the upperhand to land dives and also ride out the turns off of massive gappers. There is likewise a “hybrid rocker” design that gives boarders much more control and also “attack” on edge control.

Whether you ride powder or more strong pack as well as icy problems in the warmer hill environments, the Lib Technology Travis Rice will certainly react well. As compared to various other boards in the exact same price variety, the focus to detail that Lib Tech produced in the Travis Rice model places it into a course by itself. Cyclists enhance the rate and also exceptional feedback to turns, even when riding in non-optimal problems.

With the wealth of professional as well as semi professional riders selecting one of the boards made by LibTech, many are searching for a board with great flex and successful side control. Considering that larger jumps in the park need a higher speed, the LibTech Travis Rice provides you the stability upon technique to feel great in the air, while the flex element can make the touchdowns a little much easier as well.

In conclusion, the LibTech Travis Rice is an excellent choice if you are a sophisticated rider searching for a supreme board. techvaluetrends When you are at the level where most mid-level boards will certainly no longer keep up with a more hostile design, resorting to an excellent snowboard Rice design might give you the reaction you are seeking.

Mike Broh is a devoted snowboarder as well as equipment customer. Find out more regarding these snowboards at his blog site on LibTech Snowboards including various other models such as the Lib Technology Skate Banana.

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