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On-Demand Streaming Services Other than Netflix – Get Surprised Right Now!

by Evan

Are you tired of scrolling through Netflix? Even though the platform may offer some seriously awesome content, there are times when you simply settle on your past favorites. No matter what you choose to watch, one thing is for sure – Netflix has streamlined your viewing choices like never before!

While it has been a pioneer in the on-demand video streaming industry and tapped into a potential market, unimagined by others before. But what Netflix did was allow a plethora of media content to be widely available to audiences for an affordable monthly price. And competitors in the industry immediately picked it up and decided to launch their own set of such services for a more competitive industry and better options for the customers! Here are some well-known video-on-demand subscription services that you need to check out right now:


One website that has simply blossomed over the years, both as a video-sharing website and later as a solid platform for the latest entertainment, is YouTube. What began as a simple venture capital-funded startup headquartered in sunny California has mushroomed into an ever-growing enterprise!

Whether you wish to upload your own video content, watch others’, or share your favorite videos with your friends and family, YouTube is the platform you need. Today, YouTube’s subscription service easily rivals any of the top-tiered subscription services in the country. While the basic YouTube app is free to us, you will require a monthly subscription to YouTube TV – a live TV streaming platform. Similar to other services, you have to pay to watch full-length movies, live channels, and lots of other content.


With everybody jumping on the streaming bandwagon, Walmart decided to do the same with their service, Vudu. Vudu is available in America and comes with a fairly smaller content library as compared to Netflix – but that doesn’t mean that it should be missed out on. Like other streaming subscription services, Vudu also has some stand-out features. For one, it allows its subscribers to purchase certain TV shows and movies, which means that you have the option to purchase either individual episodes or full seasons, whatever may suit you. Another advantage is that you can also save the media files on a Blu-Ray Disc or even a DVD (buy it separately) and easily share it with friends and family!

Amazon Prime Video

Another Netflix competitor that has gradually risen to the top is Amazon Prime Video. As a subscription service, subscribers have the option to both rent and even purchase digital copies of their favorite movies, single episodes, or full seasons whatever they prefer! Amazon Prime also offers specific TV shows from the international market (like the U.K. or Japan). Subscribers also have the option to download purchased videos on their laptops. Even though Amazon Prime costs a tad bit higher than Netflix, you can enjoy access to all kinds of original content. It also has a straightforward subscription plan that allows 2 simultaneous screens at a time! Just make sure that you are connected to a speedy yet reliable internet service and you are good to go! Click here to find out more!


A subscription service that will surprise you with exclusive and original content is Crackle, owned by Sony. What separates this streaming platform from others is that it is absolutely free! And while that should excite anybody – the fact is that TV viewers might be bugged by the advertisements that run in between. So, while you may have the option to watch some terrific free content, there is one thing that you need to take note of, especially if you plan on getting Crackle for your family: Crackle’s media library changes every month. So don’t be surprised if you notice that the TV show you watched a while ago, is no longer available in the library.


If you are an Apple lover, then you would surely be fond of Apple’s long-time distribution platform that holds one of the best libraries for music, radio, and now movies and TV as part of its entertainment catalog. It shares several similarities with Amazon prime but there’s just a slight difference; iTunes is slightly pricier than Amazon Prime, even though you can download all the top media content on your Apple devices like never before! One more thing: you would have to download and install the iTunes software program before you purchase any content from the website. Get iTunes and enjoy top-notch digital content, like never before!

Wrapping It Up,

So there you go, have you tried any of the above-mentioned subscription services? While there are plenty of subscription services available in the U.S. today, always select a service that offers a digital library full of exclusive content for a decent monthly rate and which can easily be downloaded as well. To enjoy a spectacular service, just make sure that your internet connection is glitch-free, simply by clicking here: https://www.getattonline.com/att-texas.html

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