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Demand for DApps are very Present

LAN is the traditional content-sharing system which are isolated machines running in small local area networks (LAN). In the 2000s new remote centralized services emerged and was called the cloud platforms. This was a result of greater specialization and service-providing with substantial cost reductions and improved economies-of-scale.

As long as a user has a third party to hold its content, the problem persists of multiple hacks and maintaining the centralized system with high-end security. This problem exists on cloud despite maintaining a centralized system with high-end security.

In the past 5 years, affordable devices like smartphones and smart appliances increased PC penetration. The widespread availability of these devices presents a unique opportunity to leverage an enormous amount of storage and bandwidth. The blockchain projects started to explore this opportunity.

At the same time, a market is developing for decentralized applications (DApps). DApps run on smart contracts (electronic contracts on the blockchain) on platforms like Ethereum and NEO. These applications have the same computer requirements for traditional applications. The decentralized application is more costly on the decentralized blockchain. The demand for DApps are very present.

Stored real-world data on the blockchain is very expensive. Managing becomes impossible, considering how little infrastuctural support there is. Developers face pitfalls and have to develop complex solutions in the DApp world.