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Facebook Scam Not Me - Mark Shuttleworth

On the Mark Shuttleworth website, Shuttleworth reported that a Fraud Alert is using is name and picture on Facebook. This fraudulent investments scam states that he launched a new software, known as QProfit System, and which is promoted by Jerry Douglas.


DApps on the blockchain

Let’s first have a look at the difference between a normal iPhone apps and DApps. App is short for application. The abbreviation, app, has become common since the iPhone appeared. This makes life easier for people, for example, in the use of Uber and Waze. DApps are new and is a decentralized application which runs on the blockchain, while the normal apps don't.


The New Internet Web 3.0

IPOs (Initial Public Offering) and ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) are basically the same thing. When a company goes public and sell shares on the stock exchange for the first time IPO is created. This is the same with ICOs but it is a digital asset representing the ownership of a company.  


Cryptocurrency Advisor

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Ashton Kutcher Donated Ripples

Hollywood actor, and also a big tech investor, Ashton Kutcher, is a longtime fan of blockchain technology. In May 2018 he donated a $4 million Ripple XRP token – Ripple, the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap after Bitcoin and Ethereum, to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.


Bitcoin Cash Hardfork on 15 November 2018

Bitcoin Cash is building on the blockchains, (a decentralized system and a data container which stores millions of transaction entries).


Requirements for a Blockchain Developer

Currently, most of the work available for blockchain developers are overseas. Soon it will be in South Africa and the requirements will be basically the same. Companies want to develop businesses into businesses which are more secure and more efficient than ever before.