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Security Token Offerings (STO) VS ICO (Initial Coin Offerings)

Initial Coin Offerings or ICO's is a process by which cryptocurrency startups raise funds in order to develop the cryptocurrency. Those who whish to support and contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency... 


Invest in Cryptocurrencies (Tokens and Coins)

The investments in the Cryptocurrency technology is the most direct way to invest in this new application (the Blockchain) and also very risky. The cryptocurrency is not the Blockchain.  


Cryptocurrency Advisor

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Cryptocurrency - YES/NO

A few years back not many people had heard about Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency. After a while, however, some of us have noticed and looked at it more seriously. The news spread about this new "thing" where people could make a lot of money.  


The Nodes on the Blockchain

Nodes are essential for maintaining the whole and undivided blockchain. Nodes are just a copy of the blockchain which exists on a computer, phone or printer (hardware device). These devices have to be connected to the internet with an IP address. 


The Blockchain serves as the transaction ledger of the Cryptocurrency

The Cryptocurrency is a worldwide phenomenon. It is legal, to a large extent, unregulated around the world. People need to understand that Bitcoin is not the Blockchain or the blockchain is not a coin.