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Blockchain To Provide A Safe Haven For Censored Video Content Creators

YouTube the worlds favourite video sharing site, social media platform and technically the second largest search engine in the world continues to be the centre of controversy. Unlike Google, all YouTube content is hosted within its platform making it easier for them to manage and curate the content that will return the maximum ad revenue.

Due to various reasons, YouTube has taken a stricter stance on content being placed on its site. Media pressure, take down complaints, copyright issues and unpopular opinions have seen plenty of videos demonetised, content removed, shadow bans or entire channels being blocked on YouTube.

This has naturally had frustrated content creators who have been affected by this form of censorship as well as fans who follow these channels. Content creators are threatening to quit YouTube in large numbers and taking their followings along with them and blockchain dApps are heading the call to create alternative platforms for these exiled creators.

So what are these video creation platforms looking to disrupt YouTubes dominance? Let’s have a look at the sites currently available.


dTube or Decentralised Tube aims to be a direct replacement for YouTube with plenty of features and a look and feel very similar to YouTube which makes the transition a bit easier. dTube is built on the STEEM blockchain.

DTube has no tracking, no data collection, no censorship and no ads. As with most STEEM based dApps rewards are distributed by community votes. Votes are also used to rank videos, self-moderate and earn cryptocurrency.

Check out dTube:


3speak aims to provide de-platformed content creators with a new censorship free video, blogging and live-streaming platform. Using modern technology and a decentralised backup of all uploaded videos 3Speak wants to be a safe haven for free speech while ensuring great user experience and allows content creators to get back in touch with their community. 3Speak is also built on the STEEM blockchain and similar to dTUbe rewards are distributed by community votes and curators.

Check out 3speak:


Bit.Tube is a standalone decentralized video streaming platform that aims to put hands of creators and rewarding viewers. BitTube has its own native token called Tube that can be earned through mining, posting content or viewing content.

The underlying database is built on IPFS which is a decentralized and distributed ledger technology. That’s why there are no centralized servers hosting your video data which results in total censorship resistant video content for anyone anywhere in the world.

Check out BiTube:


dLive is more of a live streaming site looking to compete with Twitch and YouTube to offer gamers the ideal place to stream their lets plays. While the site is dominated by gaming content it does make room for other types of content streaming like Q&A’s, AMA’s and Vlogs. dLive runs on the Lino blockchain and rewards users in the native Lino cryptocurrency token.

Their claim to fame has been its partnership with world-renowned YouTuber PewdiePie

Check out dLive:

Defecting internet refugees

While these blockchain dApps may not have the popularity or following that YouTube has built with the last 14 years along with massive investment and help from Google it does pose a threat to the video-sharing giant.

As content creators who have been exiled find new homes, defect by choice they bring an already established audience with them from their time on YouTube. This immediately helps the uplift in users and the decimation of content on these new video sharing dApps.

If YouTube is not mindful of the churn rate at which they push content creators and viewers to competitors that offer immutable and uncensored content hosting it won’t be long before those chinks in the armour become a substantial knock to their ecosystem.

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