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Bitcoin - The Best since August 2017

Bitcoin (BTC) was started by an unknown person or group by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. This was a group of independent programmers who developed and released an open– source, peer–to–peer, digital cryptocurrency on the Bitcoin blockchain.

This coin has no central server and is built on a decentralized platform. The latest news is that Microsoft is going to use the Bitcoin blockchain to develop a digital identity. The Bitcoin blockchain, like Ethereum’s and other altcoin blockchains, is a distributed public network. Every hardware device such as a computer, printer or smartphone serves as a server by using nodes.

Issuing Bitcoin’s are done by miners. The miners can only mine on the Bitcoin blockchain up to 21 Million Coins. This is the main difference between cryptocurrencies and fiat money. Fiat money has no cap and is centralized, expensive and to transfer fiat money takes longer than Cryptocurrencies. Currently by the time of writing Bitcoin’s market cap surpasses $276 billion, cointelegraph.com reported and is the best–known digital currency worldwide. This cryptocurrency is also available at ATMs and Bitcoin exchange platforms where you need to use a digital wallet to transact.

Bitcoin showed the best performance since August 2017 and there are a lot of speculations that it will go even higher.

Take note: Do not make an investment decision on a Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, or other investment based on the information on this website.


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