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Marketers, Our Playground is Getting Bigger!

People are afraid of new technology and to be honest, ignorance and lack of knowledge play a significant role.

If you think in terms of technology, the country with the best technology rules.

Technology has become something sought after more than natural resources, for example, silver or gold. My humble opinion is that technology can be used for good or evil and when it comes to the blockchain it is for the good, the middlemen are out.

It’s a decentralized web with an open ledger to view and it’s transparent - everybody is seeing the same ledger - when we are looking at, say, the influence it’s going to have on search engines.

We all know that blockchain is evolving and top marketers are already busy entering viable opportunities and working to have a headstart above the rest. It is all about the latest technology and who is going to be leading the pack.

For nearly three centuries there have been billboards and they differ a lot from what it used to be. Businesses are still spending money on it, if you think about it, and they are paying even more for digital billboards these days.

Seriously, there is nothing to be alarmed about, but the facts are main powerhouses, for example, are still conducting business as usual despite the fact that on the decentralized web the marketer is going to deal directly with his client.

There is no Google involved in what you are doing on the decentralized web but you are still going to use Google or other search engines in the future.

As technology is expanding even the search engines are expanding and new developments are part and parcel of it. Marketers, our playground is getting bigger – there is no threat.

The umbrella of digital and social media marketing is getting bigger; the technology grows from an infant to toddler or teenager, etc.

Having a clear picture of development in our digital environment we ought to know that search engines are also competing in the field of technology.

I think if you are thinking these search engines are going to hands-up for blockchain or any other technology you are in for a surprise and also if you think you shall not need the blockchain to conduct business in the future, you are in for another surprise.


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