adchain on the blockchain

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The adChain dApp

A dApps are a decentralized application which is an application on the blockchain. The adChain registry is a community of members uses ADToken to signal whether or not a website should be included or rejected from the registry.

The goal of adChain Registry is to provide advertisers with a list of websites which offers high-quality inventory for serving digital ads and can be trusted. The adChain service will also eliminate false bot-traffic.

Anyone can apply a domain into the adChain registry. It requires a minimum deposit paid in ADToken and the URL of the domain is applied.

In the registry, you would simply enter the domain and pay ADTokens. You are then done with the registration stage.

Applications are open to anyone and the challenge with adChain is that anyone can at any time challenge your website. To challenge the website you match the same minimum deposit amount to the website and apply.

When the website challenge kicks-off a voting phase takes place. During the voting phase, everyone in the community can vote to support or oppose. If the majority of the community votes support the website, then it will be added to the registry. If the votes oppose the website then it will be rejected.

Simply add your email address. You will receive an email to confirm and after that purchase AdToken (ADT) to register.

Click on the link to register ADchain.