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Ideas to Develop Decentraland a VR DApp

Decentraland is a virtual world, powered on the Ethereum blockchain platform. On this virtual reality platform, you can buy plots of land upon which you can build, transverse later, and monetize. Decentraland is exciting because it presents a world of opportunities. At this early stage, Decentralized Application makes use of Mana which is Decentraland’s cryptocurrency token. With this token ERC20 token - you can buy plots of land and pay for in-world goods and services.

Like gold and Bitcoin, is this virtual reality platform land also a finite resource. This means that the value will grow as more people join the scheme. During March 2018, the highest sold land yielded $175,587. This left the seller with a great profit. The cheapest plot of land costs 11,750 Mana.

Coinbase last year mentioned Decentraland signing up about 50 000 users daily. This means Decentraland will grow. For investors, it is an opportunity to have a look and set a good foundation.

How to Make Money on Decentraland?

What will people do in real life and what do they want to see? For example, you can think in terms of building an Aquarium or a Zoo with animals, a Museum, an Art Gallery, or a Science room for a Dinosaur park. The possibilities are unlimited. You might want to ask a small entrance fee to cover costs; also, give out prizes for people who participate in competitions.

You can build a hotel to rent out rooms, for people who would like to visit your city or come to an event like a concert in the evenings. You can use Mana to advertise your hotel to gather more clients and a higher income and in so doing build your own brand.

What more can you do? That is for the designers who can create new skins for houses and apartments and sell them to new homeowners. In so doing you can develop your design skills to even greater heights. There is a huge profit to be made investing in land, buying and selling property; because there will always be a market.

So where do you buy Mana? It can be purchased on most major exchanges with either Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can store your Mana on numerous wallet options for you to choose from, like Trezor or Ledger Nano S.