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Colony for the dApp developers

Colony is an open source platform for developers to build dApps. A dApp is a decentralized application on the blockchain. Colony can be a platform for a community project, a company, or a non-profit organization. This will give many developers the opportunity to be part of a team. They are workers in the colony and the colony can grow depending on how successful the project is done.

Colony is built on the blockchain - it has its own token. For the work you do on this platform you get paid, the more tokens you have the more you own of the colony. This is all built on the Ethereum blockchain which makes use of Smart contracts. A smart contract is an electronic contract between the client and business, with no middle man involved. The payment you receive is directly from the client with no banking fees, so the cost of the transaction is very low. The Colony platform only works on smart contracts - it excludes any paper contracts.

When you work on Colony you become a member of a colony and if the project is a success or sellable, you, as a member of the colony, depending on how hard you work, will profit in tokens (money). On the colony platform, you will be able to choose what you like to do. The work you do will earn you the reputation for the skills you need to do to develop a dApp. The better reputation you earn, the more influence you have on decisions relevant to your expertise.

Please visit the site https://colony.io/


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