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Future Technology - The Race is On!

The brilliance and excitement of future technological development is really becoming the discussion of the day. Whether you are standing at a barbecue or like us in South Africa at a “braai”, the topic always pitch up somehow. Yes, even at formal engagements it's prone to happen.

Revisiting the excitement surrounding the evolving blockchain is so electrifying or let me say send shivers down my spine. Things to come, let one wonder how much of it are going to be seen in our lifetime and the generations to come.

Thinking about how people have had at times some form of disregard towards email marketing and the impact that the blockchain may have on one of the oldest methods of digital marketing, have to raise some eyebrows.

Sales funnels is the buzz word for several years now, but how are you going to create a sales funnel without prospects. It does somehow place email marketing as a building tool for funnels in the spotlight.

It‘s all about using the best technology of the day. The competition is already on, especially if we look at search engines we know by now, running the show. And it's obvious when you look at a smartphone’s search engine which is dominating at present.

With the implementation of blockchain technology, we are moving away from a centralized system to a decentralized system. Remember, we are dealing with advanced technology with a goal of giving the user the ultimate user experience using the latest and the best technology which is obviously going to rule over bad user experience.

Think about the way your identity is encrypted since you are using a public key. It's similar to a username and a private key, similar to your password. In order to verify a transaction, you need to use both for the miner to solve the puzzle and to verify the block. The block is verified, it‘s secured and tamper free. The data that has been stored centralized on the internet is now decentralized and stored on an open ledger for everyone to view. Isn't it amazing?

Bulk email service providers will be able to hire blockchain developers to get into the race of building competitive approvals. Giving the best user experience in the digital world where cryptography, software engineering and gaming theory melted to form the new advance technology, the blockchain. Awesome! The race is on.


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