Track Your Health Condition on the Blockchain

Soon it will be possible to track your health condition by downloading a simple app on your phone from Google Play or App Store. This can been done with the latest Blockchain technology which will bring you a variety of benefits. A decentralized healthcare dApp on a blockchain platform reduces the costs related to administration and payment within the healthcare industry.

So how will it help doctors?
Apps will give doctors worldwide access to patients’ information. It will enable doctors to manage patient’s charts and documents and the electronic medical record will be able to keep track of diagnoses and the patient's medication.

Advantages for the Patient
The advantage for patients is that you will be able to search for doctors in your vicinity and it will be possible to connect with them via an app. Healthcare on the blockchain will be able to allow the main account holder to manage his/her family information in one location by simply using an app.

Errors and Administration Fees Reduced.
When visiting the doctor you will be able only to show the doctor your QR code to give the doctor access to your personal information such as medical records, medication, and history. This will all be made possible by the blockchain. This information you can't change and it is secure. The information lives on the blockchain forever which reduces errors and administration fees for both the doctor and the patient.

What about Pharmacies?
Pharmacies will also have access to the blockchain. Apps will be available to them to receive electronic prescriptions with detailed instructions from the doctor. These electronic prescriptions will be able to reduce medication errors and will improve the patient’s safety.


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