CryptoKitties, a Unique Innovation in Gaming

The gaming industry also started to experiment with this unique blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, to explore every possible niche of their sector. This is to solve problems in ways never tried before. The blockchain-based games are introduced to encourage the consumer to feel more associated with the revolutionary technology of the blockchain.

CryptoKitties is an dApp on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a game that gives users access to digital cats which people can buy, sell and breed. These kitties are called cryptocollectibles. It is built on the underlying technology which we call the blockchain. The ownership of these cryptocollectibles or cryptokitties will be tracked on the blockchain securely so there will be no need to worry about ownership or fraud.

These cryptokitties are just like humans and are unique and cannot be replicated or destroyed by anyone. Like Bitcoin and Ether, the cryptokitties are also born on the Ethereum blockchain. Cryptokitties are one of the most interesting and innovative blockchain games.

These cats are a new form of collectibles and called cryptocollectibles. What you need, to play the game, is a computer or a laptop running on Chrome or Firefox. You also need MetaMask a digital wallet on the Ethereum blockchain platform which is specifically used with web dApps. Ether, a digital payment form allows you to trade with CryptoKitties because it is not a free game.

After installing your MetaMask wallet you transfer Ether into your address. Once that is done you can start playing the game by buying/selling existing kitties or breed them.

You can earn money playing the game by selling your kitties or the bred ones. This product is like any other product and is driven by supply and demand. If your kitties are unique and appealing enough to the buyer you have a sale.

In the near future, we will see many other forms of cryptocollectibles that will open this industry in the blockchain technology. Please visit


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