Heroes of Ethereum a Fantasy Game (DApp)

Heroes of Ethereum is a decentralized fantasy game based on smart contracts. This game has funny adventures, composed of knights, shamans, and chiefs. Players can level up their heroes, acquire the best armours or weapons. The games revolve around the Ethereum Kingdom which is about to be attacked by ancient evil enemies. These enemies ravage the land and destroy everything in their way. Players need to recruit the best heroes who will stand against these enemies to save the kingdom.

All the heroes within the game have 11 features. Each of these features has 265 possible variations. It makes it possible for the players to generate characters with unique appearances. There are however currently only 10 variations out of the 256 variations available in the game but more will be added in the future.

Characters are randomly generated once they are recruited so appearance is not the only distinct feature of the characters. Attributes include Strength, Constitution, and Intelligence. Different classes have one main attribute which they receive bonus. In order to receive bonuses players should choose weapons and armour that are appropriate to a particular character’s modifiers.

In the game, you can also purchase pre-generated heroes and that is being done on the Tavern platform. Players can also sell their own heroes as well with the ERC-721 Tokens. These tokens are based on the Ethereum smart contracts and cannot be stolen or blocked once the player purchased them. Using the MetaMask wallet players can securely store the purchased heroes. Visit https://dappradar.com/clickout/944 to play the game.


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